Services for Non-residents

A global business entails brings various challenges in addition to opportunities. In this context, the support of a team of consultants with local and international presence, with expertise in working with non-residents becomes fundamental, as they can anticipate the expectations and needs of the customers and represent a stable and reliable partner who contributes in mitigating the differences of legislative, linguistic and sometimes even cultural differences.

Services offered by HLB Romania for non-resident taxpayers:

  • Fiscal registration of non-residents in Romania
  • VAT registration and submission – directly or through representatives
  • Income tax/capital gain- registration and submission of tax returns
  • Non-resident tax- registration and submission of tax returns
  • Social contributions- registration and submission of tax returns

Our specialists have accumulated over time a high level of expertise on projects involving activities carried out by non-residents in Romania or transactions for which the registration and/or payment of taxes/contributions in Romania is necessary.

  • Analysis of transactions performed in order to determine the registration, declaration and payment obligations
  • Determining the necessary documents for registration and all information required by the authorities
  • Completion and submission of documentation for registration
  • Assistance in front of the fiscal authorities both at registration and subsequently
  • Calculation and payment of the taxes and contributions and submission of the periodical returns
  • Support in reimbursement procedures of taxes and fees paid in Romania
  • Procedures related to the cancellation of the fiscal registration

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