Judicial Accounting Expertise

Judicial Accounting Expert

The judicial accounting expert works performed by HLB Romania aim at examining certain economic and financial facts for objectives established by the judicial body.

Judicial accounting expert reporting means: interpretation of data from accounting records and providing opinions regarding the investigated issues on the basis of the laws and normative acts governing the analyzed field of activity and, finally, the elaboration of conclusions based on the findings made, which serve as evidence for the judicial body that ordered the expert report.

Expert Witness

The accounting expert is appointed by the judicial or criminal investigation body and is independent of the parties involved in the conflict. In many cases, however, the opinions of the Judicial Accounting Experts are insufficiently documented or have erroneous conclusions. Expert Witness ensures that the court’s objectives are sufficient, clear, ensure the completeness of events and documents and the conclusions of the judicial expert are sufficiently documented and are correct, on the contrary, the Accounting Expert Witness may formulate objections in order to bring clarifications.

Knowledge of taxation and accounting, together with the numerous team members that HLB Romania made available were the defining advantages that lead to the correction or improvement of the conclusions of the Judicial Experts in many of the expert surveys in which we participated.

The satisfaction of our customers who managed to obtain justice in court by arguing against unfounded accusations by the tax authorities in many cases has always motivated us to perform this activity with the greatest commitment and professionalism.

Extrajudicial Accounting Expert Reports

Extrajudicial Accounting Expert Reports are a form of reporting performed by Judicial Accounting Experts outside court or which may precede a trial in order to administer evidence and present independent conclusions.

They are used for the following purposes:

  • Identifying and documenting of fraud in order to initiate a criminal investigation
  • Amicable resolution of commercial disputes between the parties without going to court

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