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We come to support your activity with professional recruitment in the financial-accounting field. Being one of the market leaders, both locally and internationally, by affiliating to HLB International, we developed this service based on over 20 years of experience in highly specialized services.

Customized Recruiting systems are based on recruiting methods and procedures that will ensure the success of recruitment by providing highly performing long term employees.

The most important stage in the recruitment process is the creation, together with the customer, of the job description and employee profile of the position, in order to:

  • ensure optimal compatibility between the employee and the company;
  • ensure the optimal time for the recruitment process;
  • ensure a fast induction of the new employee, who knows both the requirements and the benefits offered by the company;
  • ensure the efficiency desired by the company from the new employee based on the agreement of clear medium term objectives.

HLB Romania’s Promise is to deliver a quality service by combining the knowledge, experience and resources to achieve the main objective of each customer: maximum quality at a competitive price.

The main advantages of using the recruitment and selection services offered by HLB Romania are:

  • consultancy for the creation of the candidate’s profile and his/her integration following the recruitment process;
  • the advantage of having a database of qualified candidates;
  • elaboration of professional tests adapted to the customer’s activity;
  • warranty period established, depending on the required professional level.


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