Tax Inspections

A tax inspection could be an unpleasant moment in a company’s history, additional payment amounts could be established, the criminal responsibility of the administrators can come in place, the assets of the company can be blocked, the insolvency of that company can be requested by the fiscal authorities. Or it may be a moment without special involvement, the authorities finding that the company has complied with the legislation and no additional payments are required.

In order to have the best results when being confronted with a tax inspection, we can provide assistance both before and during the inspection.

Prior to an announced tax inspection, we can review the financial, accounting and legal documents and we can outline the lack of important documents which, if existing, could completely change a conclusion. The risks to which the company is exposed during the controlling period can also be evaluated.

If the inspection is already in progress, our specialists can intervene and provide assistance during the inspection, can supervise the documents and information that will be made available to the control bodies, can ensure that the tax authorities consider all fiscal legislation, both national and European, so that the consequences of the inspection are as favorable to the company as possible. We can assist the company in preparing the tax position prior to the completion of the inspection and we can argue its position.

A decision contrary to the company issued by the fiscal authorities may not always be correct for various reasons. This is when the company can challenge the outcome of the inspection and this challenge needs to be done by specialists with actual experience in the field who can change by arguments, the finality of an inspection or can represent the customer in court with real chances of success.

  • Availability to allocate a large team to finalize the project within deadline
  • Specialists with years of experience in managing the tax inspections
  • Knowledge of internal and international legislation
  • Numerous positive results in this activity in the last 20 years

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