VAT for E-commerce

E-commerce has developed a lot, online sales in other countries are becoming easier and more desirable due to the fact that the sales market is significantly growing. But these distance sales are subject to VAT taxation in the country where the delivery is made if certain sales thresholds are exceeded.

Distance sales represents the delivery of goods made to non-taxable persons from the VAT point of view, natural or legal persons, for which the delivery is done by the supplier or by a representative thereof.

The annual threshold established for Romania is RON 118.000, approximately 24.000 EURO.

Especially for the online international trade, HLB Romania has developed, together with HLB International, the online platform, through which the online stores may register for VAT purposes in any EU country in an easy way, the platform eliminating the communication and data transfer efforts to the representatives from each country.

The platform ensures:

  • A unique and very competitive price for every European country
  • Support in Romania for all countries where the e-commerce company sells goods
  • Internationally provided services by the local HLB International offices
  • A single upload on the sales platform and the representatives in every EU country receive the data to be reported
  • The e-commerce company receives the VAT amounts due for each country

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