Managerial Accounting

A company can be profitable, stable and can grow only if management has access to information about the company’s performance in a timely manner and this information is accurate and presented as intuitively as possible.

Taking into account that the structure and activities of any company change over time, we offer the service through which we assist customers in obtaining a management reporting system by analyzing activities, defining objectives, structuring processes and reports and organizing financial accounting departments

Design of Management Reports

  • Analysis of the company’s economic activity and objectives
  • Establishing the company’s cost/profit centers
  • Design of result reports on the structure of cost/profit centers
  • Defining management reports
  • Assistance in the implementation of periodic reports and their interpretation
  • Assistance in the implementation of the budget
  • Establishing the methods of periodic review of the company’s performance
  • Proposals for performance improvement actions
  • Assistance in the implementation of accounting policies

Optimization of the Financial Accounting Departments

  • Analysis of the activity of the accounting department
  • Defining and assisting in the implementation of accounting policies
  • Drafting a monography of accounting entries suitable for the customer’s activity
  • Proposals on the optimization of accounting departments
  • Implementation of Artificial Intelligence in the economic activity

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