Taxation of Individuals        

What taxes do you have to pay, where would it be better to be a tax resident if you have substantial income, how can you avoid the Romanian legislative traps? Very important questions because if you have a personal tax issue, you are liable with your entire wealth.

You want to be informed, you want not to worry about your personal wealth, you want to know how you can optimize your debts to the state – in this case, you need a consultant with significant experience in both Romanian and international legislation. The fact that we are part of an international network with vast experience in individuals’ taxation may give you access to the global expertise and various taxation models you need.

Our objective is to become a reliable, long term consultant, offering proactive support, in addition to providing compliance services:

  • Analysis of the personal fiscal status and of the income categories;
  • Assistance in the optimal structuring of transactions and fiscal residence;
  • Preparing and submitting the personal tax returns;
  • Support for filling in and submitting the questionnaires regarding the establishment of the fiscal residence;
  • Support for registration or cancellation of fiscal residence;
  • Reconciliation of the personal situation with the fiscal records;
  • Assistance for fiscal inspections and support in relationships with fiscal authorities.

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